The Viking arm tool uses are numerous because of its structural effectiveness. It is easy to operate with one hand due to its light weight. Its functions are similar to a car jack but with more accuracy. The tool is available worldwide in well known hardware stores. Most people who use this tool are those in the construction industry. However due to its manageable nature, it has been adopted within the normal household activities. 

Large window fittings 

Fitting large windows such as in the city sky scrapers can be quite overwhelming. Skilled personnel cannot promise to balance all windows into their frames accurately by hand. Here is where the tool is applied. One window requires two tools , one on one bottom end and the other on the other bottom end. By pressing the arm of the tool down, the window is lifted and fitted to  its correct level before fastening it to the frame. 

Tightening wooden floors 

Wooden planks are used in making floors in both residential and commercial buildings. The planks are long and heavy hence laying them straight enough to tighten them may be tedious. One of the Viking arm tool uses is tightening flooring tools by Oryx. Therefore, it can be hooked to a single plank. The arm is pressed down to push one plank to join tightly with the next one. Eventually, the whole floor will look complete without wooden spaces in between the planks. 

Fixing and lifting wooden cabinets 

Imagine lifting a storage cabinet with one hand then balancing and hammering it to the wall. This could take the entire day because of the cabinet frequently falling down. On the contrary, the cabinet could end up being hammered in a crooked line onto the wall. Lifting the cabinet a few inches from the floor with the tool is one of the most brilliant ideas. This will ensure the wooden cabinet is hammered in a straight line onto the wall.  

Joining wooden and glass walls 

There are different types of walls today found in different buildings. Glass and wooden walls have been adopted greatly in offices especially. These walls are very sensitive and require great accuracy in alignment. One of the Viking arm tool uses is pressing the frames of the walls in correct alignment. The arm has adjustable knobs that can be tightened to achieve the correct alignment when pressing the walls together. This results to the walls being uniformly flat. 

Putting up doors 

Doors are heavy structures. Some buildings need to have more than one door installed. Doors generally need to be tightly mounted into their frames. Modern door frames are manufactured with holes ready to be joined to the hinges of the doors. The tool is used to tighten the hinges to the door frame holes by pressing the door into the holes firmly. This ensures the door is securely tightened to the door frame before screwing in the hinges. 

In conclusion, the general Viking arm tool uses is pressing, lifting and tightening heavy materials. This mostly applies to heavy wooden structures. However, vast creativity can be applied to various tasks that can be done by the tool. The most important aspect is that it saves time, increases efficiency of tasks and saves lots of energy. It is definitely worth having such a tool in your hardware collection.