The Best Bed Bugs Treatment Options

“Prioritizing good sleep is good self-love.”  

Just when you think that it’s time to rest and enjoy your sleep, a sharp bite from a bed bug!  Nothing can be irritating than a bed bug bite. This irritant insect is known to bite at night. Amazingly it bites only when the lights are off and once you light them on, you see the bed bugs running to their hideouts.  

How Did Bed Bugs Come To My Home? 

It was either you or a visitor who came to your home that brought the insect to your home. In most cases, bed bugs spread from one area to another through direct contact. When traveling, if you booked a hotel room that has been infested, there is a very high chance that you might carry the bed bugs to your home.  

One bed bug will lay up to 5 eggs in a day. The only way to stop and to prevent the bed bugs from invading your home is by taking extra cautions any time you book a hotel room or visit any public area that might be infested. 

It is also possible to get them from second hand furniture, in public buses or even from friend’s houses.  

Eliminating these insects is not an easy task. However, I will give you 4 of the best bed bugs treatment options without calling the exterminators. 


Use of Hot Steam and Hot Water 

Mostly, bed bugs are likely to hide and breed in your bed where they can attack at night and feed on your blood. So, when you think or see bed bugs invasion in your home, the first place to treat should be your bedroom.  

Strip off the bedding from your bed and place them in a plastic bag to prevent them from escaping and spreading to other areas of your home.  If the garments do not have any restrictions, like “Do not wash in hot water.” wash them using the hot water setting. After the wash, dry them using the high heat settings, (Usually, above 120 degrees   F.  

High-Pressure Vacuum 

Use a high-pressure steamer to vacuum the mattresses, bed frames foot board headboard and any other place you might think that the bed bugs are hiding. 

Don’t forget the carpets and any other area you might think might be infested.  

Ironing the Clothes 

If the clothes infested on by the bed bugs can be ironed using a very hot iron, iron them especially at the folds where the bed bugs like to hide. You should thoroughly check them once you are done to make sure that none is left alive. 


Use of Bed Bug Mattress Covers 

Once you are sure that you have killed all the bed bugs in your bed, mattress and spring box, it’s time to take an extra step of dressing your mattress with a bed bug proof cover.  The covers do not prevent the bed bugs from coming back. However, the bed bugs can easily be located when your mattress has the cover on it. 

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