Fences available for livestock


There are many types of fences for livestock but different fences are good for different livestock types. There are fences to contain animals and maintain pasture areas. There is main perimeter fence and fence to divide pasture portion for management purpose.  The following are different types of fences and several other components of fencing. 

High tensile fence 

This is the most commonly used perimeter fencing type. It is smooth electrical wire fence that contain animals. They have lower cost and longer life than most fences. They are smooth single wires held together between treated posts. Tension springs and line stretchers are used to maintain tension.    

Woven wire fence 

Woven wire is another widely used option of fencing but it is costly. It consists of horizontal lines wires held together by vertical stays. The height of the fence is between 26 and 48 inches. Spacing of stay wire is between 6 and 12 inches depending on the animal size. 

Board or rail and post fence 

Board or rail and post are another fence option but it is expensive. It is mostly used around the home or farm buildings 

Temporary fence 

Temporary fence is mostly used to subdivide fields for pasture into several portions for better management. They last for a shorter period of time and are not expensive. 

Post choices 

Many types of different posts are used in construction of fences. Wood post are many but not durable. Steel posts are durable and fireproof. They are available and not very costly. Several posts are available for electric fences as per requirement such as steel, wood, fiberglass and plastic. All posts should be long enough to confine the animals inside the farm. 

Wire choices 

The shock used to keep animals from getting away from the fenced section uses wire fencing to conduct with electrical currents. It makes a barrier keeping the livestock from moving out. Electric wire can be added to any type of fence.   

Grounding electric fencing 

The fence wire is grounded to carry electric power through the property which acts like earth wire. This makes the circuit complete. 

Choosing an chargers 

Fence changers or energizers differ with the capability to electrify big amounts of fence and handle the vegetation that may touch the electrified wire fence. 

Lightning protection 

Protecting power energizer from lighting strikes is major challenge of electric fence. Lightning strikes any wire anytime as the electricity travels to the energizer through the system of the fence, 

Fence maintenance 

For the fence to work well to confine livestock, regular maintenance is necessary.     


There are many fencing materials available for keeping livestock safe. Using any of the above types of fences for livestock will confine your animals. Having a substantial perimeter fence is good and dividing into small portions pasture areas for wise management. Many fences lasts for 25 years and above if well maintained. If you want to get the best results work with professional. Take into account your liability risk in case the animals leave the farm to the highway or neighbors farm with crops.  Highway accidents and property damage is very expensive. 

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